Inneraction was founded based on the desire to contribute to human and organizational development in a fast-paced and constantly changing business world. Inspired by this ideal, its founding partner, Daniela Ruiz, decided to leave the executive life to build a consultancy specialized in linking business management to human dimensions.

Usually business management is seen as a concept that involves the company’s strategic and action plans, structure, metrics and all the other practices related to business management that we are used to. But, apart from that, there is a fundamental human dimension that needs to be taken into account if we want to reach your team’s maximum potential. This is related to our behaviors, values, wishes, motivations, inspirations, purposes and creative ability, and if considered will contribute not only to individual self-accomplishment but also to business results.

The name Inneraction was chosen aiming at reflecting this union of forces: INNER, corresponding to the “inner world of each person” and ACTION that alludes to attitude. Our work philosophy is to find the uniqueness of each person – his/her abilities and creative potential – and help him/her exercise it on his/her job in an active way.

Combining our own experience in senior leadership positions with the knowledge of the most important leadership and management theories and the fundamentals of Analytical Psychology, we offer consulting solutions designed according to your business needs and challenges. We also support individual development with assessments, coaching and counseling.


Daniela Ruiz

Inneraction founder, Ms. Ruiz is inspired by the ideal of contributing to human and organizational development in a fast-paced and ever changing business world.

She conducts strategic consulting processes on leadership and engagement, linking both business vision and psychology in order to optimize business results and seek the development of potentialities and self-realization of individuals.

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