Self-knowledge Tools

Individual and group development depends on a constant work of improvement and development of abilities. The root of this work is self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is the first skill related to Emotional Intelligence and its improvement contributes to a better understanding of oneself and of others as well as of the individual differences.

MBTI is one of the major tools available in the market that helps expanding self-knowledge by identifying your preferred decision making process and communication patterns, your talents and points to be developed, your main approach to problem solving as well as your learning and leadership styles.



Individual Development



We support the designing of individual development plans employing the MBTI as an self-knowledge assessment tool, aiming at helping the person to acknowledge his/her style and to work on those main points which will help him/her develop competencies and achieve his/her goals.


Team Development



We conduct interactive workshops based on the results of MBTI in which we deal with the team dynamics, also identifying abilities and points to be developed by each member of the group. Those workshops focus on the team’s main issues such as diversity, improvement of personal relations and leadership styles.

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